The sleep glasses are approved and registered as medical equipment by the Danish Medicines Agency and registered by the central pan-European database, EUDAMED, which oversees the monitoring and control of medical equipment in Europe.

The sleep glasses has been tested and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Medical Device Regulations 2017/745/EU for Class 1 medical devices.

The Taiwan Spectacles Industry Association continuously checks randomly selected sleep glasses using light spectrum analysis. This ensures that the glasses meet the requirement for filtering out light up to 530 nm. 

It is the blue light in the lightspectrum (446-477nm) that inhibits our production of melatonin. The blue light also promotes the mood hormone serotonin and increases performance.

The light spectrum analysis shows that the blue curve starts at approximetaly 530 nanometers and thus excludes UVA, UVB and UVC light as well as blue light. The other colours; green, yellow and green, are reproduced better than with sunglasses.